Brexit or Not? … Having my say


23rd June is getting nearer and it is begging your vote, but which way are you going to go?

If you are worried about your business success if we exit the EU, you have to ask yourself why? Why worry? If you have done what it takes to maximise your strengths then you should not have to worry about anything. Leaving the EU will certainly not have a negative impact on future trade within the EU. If you are supplying what the EU wants they will continue to trade with us. Other members of the EU want us to remain purely because we plough endless funds into the pot thus helping out other countries to the detriment of the UK people’s hard earned finances.

We do not have a say in how much we put into the EU nor do we have a say in what we get out of it. David Cameron continues to scaremonger over future trade and employment within the UK should we leave, and yet all throughout the campaign he has failed to provide anything whatsoever to substantiate his negative claims. I do not believe that David Cameron should be permitted to comment on whether we remain or leave. He is biased, and should we leave the EU his heart will not be in the reform of Great Britain. He will harp on about ‘if we had stayed in the EU’ and so on.

The UK WILL prosper from leaving the EU….

…. not just by saving the monies we put into the system, but it gives us the opportunity to put the GREAT back into GREAT BRITAIN by encouraging us to rebuild our industries, NHS, and our country. Nothing but good will come from leaving the EU. I don’t personally believe tough times will be ahead should we leave, more so if we remain we will suffer long term and the evidence is clear on that. We need to stand on our own feet and recover what we have given away all these years. The EU members want us to remain. I wonder why!

I never thought Boris had it in him, but I have to say that his arguments for leaving the EU far outweigh the reasons to remain. You know what the benefits are of leaving the EU, it has been made perfectly clear and with evidence. Ask yourself one question … What reasons are there to remain, and I mean based on facts? It is a no brainer. Businesses and Great Britain WILL prosper from leaving the EU.

I won’t hold back, I vote to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016

Kevin Edwards

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