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Do you have a sense that your department might not be running as efficiently as it should or could? Have you outgrown your old processes or merged departments? Have you had to downsize your department, and are now struggling to make things work with fewer people? If so, you can likely benefit from Business Process Analysis and Modelling.

Business Process Mapping, Analysis, Modelling, and Re-Modelling

I assess current business processes and determines efficient methods for operation, accountability and automation. We work with your people to analyse your current operations and identify efficient workflow processes, identify KPI’s and recommend ways to implement technology and improve how it supports the workflow. I also provides services for integrating process workflow to maximise time, efficiency, and process involvement. We have streamlined processes to make them smoother and more efficient for both private and public sector offices and can do this for you.

Program Management

Large programs require strong leaders and strategic thinkers who can address the many facets of the program timely, efficiently, and effectively making sure the goals of the program are realised. This includes providing oversight and making sure all the associated projects are created and maintained correctly, identifying caveats, keeping the right people informed of progress and issues, and co-ordinating all of the various tasks so they converge for the desired end result.

Project Management

Long-term projects with specific target dates, plus numerous key deadlines in between, require skilled project managers to lead the way and ensure critical tasks are managed and achieved in order to reach the desired end result timely and within budget. You can use my extensive project management skills to lead your project and your people efficiently from start to finish, and can also deliver training, IT, Process Engineering, Disaster Recovery and more.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning can be a daunting task for organisations, often taking a back seat to everyday tasks because it’s difficult to take time out to focus on needs of the future. It is necessary, however, to keep everyone moving toward common goals. With Organisational Development I can facilitate group planning sessions and leading teams through the planning process in a way that encourages discussion, collates relevant data from all stakeholders, and maintains motion in a positive direction. The net result is a Strategic Plan for an organisation that is relevant, actionable and measurable.

Change Management

Changes take place within an organisation often on a daily basis and carefully implemented Change Management is a task necessary to reduce negative impact on daily business operations. Accurate Change Management operations and forward planning can be critical to business operations and success. Change management is an important function for both internal and external facing changes, and I can lead your IT change management processes. Objective identification of potential caveats during change is of utmost importance. Although this operation appears to have negative connotations the process of Change Management can also aid in the identification of other windows of opportunity for business improvement and development otherwise overlooked.

Communications Planning

You’ve spent great time and effort developing a new strategic plan for your business that is now ready for implementation, or a new program is about to launch which has an impact the entire company. You have an audience that needs to change behavior or adapt to new policies.

No matter what the situation is that you find yourself in, what, when, and how you communicate this to your audiences can make or break how successful your program is and how long it takes to be embraced and acted upon. Managing communications is an important step of any internal or external program. I have experience of developing and implementing communications plans, and am suitably skilled in working with you to identify audiences, develop key messages, determine the right communications strategies and tactics, and manage the process of developing and implementing the right tools. Smart communication will make all the difference in how your message is portrayed.

What I Do …

  • Business Planning
  • Business in Trouble
  • Strategy
  • DRP
  • Project Management
  • Marketing Consulting
  • Financial Planning
  • ISO27001

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